The garden Marquesa de Arucas was first opened to the public in November 1985. Our first visitors were tourists, who went on excursions around the island organized by tour operators and also paid a visit to ''El jardin de las hesperides'', the name of the garden initially.

The exoticness of the place was the main reason for the great amount of visitors we received daily. At that time the garden only had its old part with around two hectares and only a few parking places. The tourists were entering the garden through narrow corridors between palm trees next to the ''Camino Viejo'' (the old path).

The visit to the garden offered an explanation about banana cultivation and a stroll through the passage-corridors around the marquis’s palace, with an official guide, explaining the most important things about the garden's flora.
Today’s offer is the same, but has some additional activities.

At the moment, the garden has around fifty thousand square metres and we continue growing. Neighbouring plots were included to the garden with more plantations of palm trees and exotic trees. Our range of guests has become much more diverse; guests who come with their own cars, locals, groups of children and pensioners, as well as specialists in tropical flora from other parts of the world.

Recently we added to our offer guided visits for groups with more than 30 people, lead by an expert for our cultural heritage, the marquis’s palace and a great variety of garden's vegetation.

We are also trying to make our garden friendlier for disabled visitors. We have toilets accessible with wheelchair and each year we change steps with ramps to enable the disabled and elderly visitors to enjoy the whole garden.

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We also open our snack bar during some hours of the day as well as a souvenir shop with typical gifts from this place.

The entry fee for individuals is 5 euros, but we have discounts for big groups.

In the ticket stand at the entrance it is also possible to buy a guide about the garden's plants for a reasonable price, which includes the most important exemplaries.

          Opening Hours    

The garden Marquesa de Arucas is opened from Monday to Saturday from 9,00 to 13,00 hours and from 14,00 to 18,00 hours.

The garden is closed on holidays and Sundays, but we can also open for groups requiring a gastronomic event. In these cases the visit will be allowed only for guests of the event.

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