Origin of the Marquesa de Arucas (Marquise of Arucas) garden

    Casa de la Marquesa

The garden was built around a small summer residence of Don Ramón Madam y Uriondo, the first marquis of Arucas around the year 1.880.

With the marquis the first plantations of endemic and foreign plant species were started. He brought some of the plants from different places and exchanged others with other aristocratic families from the time.


The location of the garden right below the mountain Montaña de Arucas favoured the growth and development of every specie planted there, because the rain brought a lot of sediments, rich in organic materials to the area.


Because of that some very valuable plant species existed there even before the foundation of the garden, like an over 200-year-old  “dragon tree”, Ficus Elastica, etc.

Vista Jardines

This might have been the reason, why the marquis decided to build the palace in this place.


People say he was a man who was keen on horticulture and floriculture and following generations continued with his work.

    vista Drago

Thanks to him there is a collection of araucarias in front of and behind the house, which rise above the palace itself and are visible from far away. He also planted some jacarandas, which make the neoclassic facade of the building full of colours.


At the beginning of the last century, they have built a tennis court in the shadow of the dragon tree.


Around the tennis court were planted lots of palm trees, mostly palmaceaes, and with time the garden has acquired a tropical look.


Nearby, there is a 19th century replica of a medieval tower made of stone, a present from a friend of the family, duke of Ahumada, one of the founders of the Spanish police brigade.

  Vistas General Jardín

At the end of November 1985 the garden has opened its doors to the public with guided visits, due to initiative of the marquis’s grandson and one tourism promoter. This person, Don Manuel Crispín García Sánchez has passed the interest for this project on to us.
The narrow romantic style corridors for walks around the palace were repaired. Also a botanist Don Vicente Ramos, who unfortunately could not enjoy his own work, made the first classification and arrangement of the plants.


At the beginning of the 90's they started with the expansion of the garden to the nearby plots, which were until then used for banana cultivation. Taking advantage of already prepared soil, hundreds of palm-trees were planted, some of them from our own tree nursery and others were brought from outside. The passage-corridors and the flowerbeds were separated and a second botanic classification of the plant-species has begun..

Entrada y aparcamientos

At that time the territory of the garden grew to 5 hectares in different terraces with some steep slopes, but the flat part contains most of the species.

More than 500 classified species exist at the moment.


To preserve, improve and include new species and to become the biggest vegetation reserve, contributing to its expansion and knowledge. We want to arouse the interest in the wonders of vegetation to each visitor.

We are a very enthusiast, private union with limited resources We depend on different social events that we organize in our facilities, which are necessary for our existence and development.

We are open to every kind of collaboration, as well with amateurs as with scholars. We know our work has just begun and there is still a lot to be done. The deeper we research the vegetation world, the more fascinated we become and more aware of how small we are.

We are a group of employees of the marquise (cooks, assistants, waiters, gardeners, cleaners) who are trying to bring two different activities closer together, but both very pleasant ones, gastronomy and gardening.

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